1 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi


Today in Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey, protestors were attacked by police officers with tear gas and water canons. The protest was about the Gezi Parkı, which is one of the rare places left with hundred years old trees, getting destroyed so a mall could be built. Protestors, which included babies, children and very old people, started camping there so trees wouldn’t be cut four days ago. Today, around 5 am, protestors got attacked in their sleep. Tear gasses were sprayed right in their eyes and their tents were burnt. It didn’t end with that. They continued attacking citizens with tear gas and and water canons and blocked their way of escape. A wall collapsed on citizens running from police officers. Tear gasses were not thrown on air, but on protestors’ head. Ambulances weren’t let in to treat injured people. Shops nearby let protestor hide inside, but police officers threw tear gasses inside. Trains headed to Taksim were also attacked with tear gasses, and the exit doors were closed on them. Citizens opened their houses for help. Medical students and lawyers (for people who got arrested) shared their location and numbers on internet. Hotels assured rooms for injured people and were tranformed into hospitals for the time being. Although all roads leading to Taksim were blocked, people walked their way in to help. Lots of people were seriously injured and died. The attack still hasn’t stopped. Turkish media is censored, so we’re seeking help from you. Please share this and let the world known.

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